Our pole curriculum begins with Intro to Pole, a class that must be taken one to three times by pole beginners, or until they feel ready to go to Level 1. Levels 1 and 2 are eight-week sessions where students learn an all-inclusive routine of tricks, spins, floorwork, and dance. At the end of each eight-week session, students have the opportunity to perform in front of friends and other students to graduate into the next level (but no rush! On average, students repeat a level for two to four cycles before graduating). The routines provide a basis for students to work off of; however, creativity is encouraged, and students often make the routine their own by choosing a song that inspires them and by adding individual elements. In Levels 3 and 4, students create and perform their own routines to ultimately advance to our highest level, Level 5 — where the learning never ends! Learn more about each level below.

*If you’re visiting from out of town, please call to discuss the appropriate level to join in!
*Although our group fitness classes welcome anyone who wants to empower their inner Queen, please note that pole classes are women only unless marked “co-ed” on the schedule.


New to pole classes? This is the class for you! Students will learn the fundamentals of pole from walking around the pole to trying basic spins and floorwork. This class is mandatory for all pole beginners and can be taken as many times as needed to feel comfortable. We suggest 1-3 times. When you’re ready, let a staff member know to approve your account for level 1!


In Pole Level 1, students will learn beginner spins paired with fun, sexy dance moves and transitions. As students master climbing the pole, they will also build the strength and techniques needed to advance to level 2. Once you’ve finished your first routine, you will be ready for the next challenge!


As students continue to learn additional spins and transitions, it’s also time to step it up – upside-down, that is! This class features upper body and core exercises and tricks for a full-body workout – all while inverted! Students will learn a stamina-building routine in preparation for Pole Level 3.


If you’re just starting Pole Level 3, this will be a great class for you; we will drill the fundamental moves that are essential to becoming a stronger pole dancer! These moves include controlled inverts, shoulder mounts, and leg hangs. We encourage taking this class along with Pole Level 3 Tricks and Flow.


Having mastered the basic invert and spins, students begin to learn upside down tricks and other power moves in Pole Level 3: Tricks. Practice, practice, practice! This class allows students to focus on perfecting tricks and learning how to put them in a combo while receiving an intense strength-building workout.


In Pole Level 3 Flow, students will incorporate their newly-acquired tricks and spins into a routine with combos, transitions, and floorwork. Routines will focus on gracefully sequencing consecutive movements. After practicing different flow sequences, students can begin to creatively think of their own routines.


Pole Level 4 Tricks will build upon previously-established skills while learning even higher-level tricks, transitions, and spins. By now, you are ready to kick it up a notch! Some of our key moves will include the jade split, caterpillar climb, brass monkey, cupid, and armpit holds. These moves will utilize the strength and flexibility that you’ve built up throughout your pole experience.


In Pole Level 4 Flow, students will combine all of their tricks and movements into beautiful, flowing dances. Students are encouraged to explore their inner creativity by incorporating various forms of dance, transitions, and floorwork into their unique routines.


You’ve made it this far, and it’s time to start exploring how challenging pole can really be! Muscling into handsprings on the pole or tumbling from one trick to the next–whatever you can imagine, it can be done (with a lot of practice and conditioning)! The challenges of pole are never-ending!


Need some extra conditioning to progress your pole skills? Or if dance isn’t quite your thing, but you love the fitness aspect of pole, try out these classes!

*Must take Intro to Pole first.


Looking to condition yourself for pole tricks while also getting that cardio in? Join us in this class! We will perform basic pole conditioning moves such as climbing and fan kicks as well as different exercises to strengthen and tone the lower body all while taking your endurance to the next level.

Vertical Barre

Using the pole as a stabilizer, you’ll work on sculpting your body through a dynamic fusion of strength exercises and ballet conditioning that will also promote increased flexibility. The basic conditioning moves in this class are a great supplement to our beginning level pole classes.


*Must currently be in Pole Level 3. This conditioning class challenges advanced students with movements specifically designed for improving overall strength and skill. From holding shoulder mounts to repetitive inverts, this class focuses on increasing endurance required for intricate pole routines.

In addition to our pole program, we offer group fitness classes that are perfect for cross training with pole! Taking a combination of pole and group fitness classes will help you gain strength, flexibility, and grace both on and off the pole!